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[1] Cao, JT,Rao, ZG,Jia, GD,et al. A 15 Ka Ph Record From An Alpine Lake In North China Derived From The Cyclization Ratio Index Of Aquatic Brgdgts And Its Paleoclimatic Significance[J]. Organic Geochemistry,2017,109:31-46.
[2] Sun, QF,Colin, C,Liu, ZF,et al. Climate Changes Of The Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Since The Late Glaciation Inferred From Clay Mineralogy Of Sediments In Kuhai Lake[J]. Quaternary International,2017,440:24-34.
[3] Huang, XZ,Liu, SS,Dong, GH,et al. Early Human Impacts On Vegetation On The Northeastern Qinghai-tibetan Plateau During The Middle To Late Holocene[J]. Progress In Physical Geography,2017,41(3):286-301.
[4] Xu, QH,Chen, FH,Zhang, SR,et al. Vegetation Succession And East Asian Summer Monsoon Changes Since The Last Deglaciation Inferred From High-resolution Pollen Record In Gonghai Lake, Shanxi Province, China[J]. Holocene,2017,27(6):835-846.
[5] Chen, XM,Huang, XZ,Wu, D,et al. Modern Pollen Assemblages In Topsoil And Surface Sediments Of The Xingyun Lake Catchment, Central Yunnan Plateau, China, And Their Implications For Interpretation Of The Fossil Pollen Record[J]. Review Of Palaeobotany And Palynology,2017,241:1-12.
[6] Qiang, MR,Song, L,Jin, YX,et al. A 16-ka Oxygen-isotope Record From Genggahai Lake On The Northeastern Qinghai-tibetan Plateau: Hydroclimatic Evolution And Changes In Atmospheric Circulation[J]. Quaternary Science Reviews,2017,162:72-87.
[7] Liu, JB,Chen, SQ,Chen, JH,et al. Chinese Cave Delta O-18 Records Do Not Represent Northern East Asian Summer Monsoon Rainfall[J]. Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America,2017,114(15):E2987-e2988.
[8] Li, GQ,Duan, YW,Huang, XZ,et al. The Luminescence Dating Chronology Of A Deep Core From Bosten Lake ( Nw China) In Arid Central Asia Reveals Lake Evolution Over The Last 220 Ka[J]. Boreas,2017,46(2):264-281.
[9] Liu, JB,Rhland, KM,Chen, JH,et al. Aerosol-weakened Summer Monsoons Decrease Lake Fertilization On The Chinese Loess Plateau[J]. Nature Climate Change,2017,7(1-3):190+.
[10] Yang, YS,Dong, GH,Zhang, SJ,et al. Copper Content In Anthropogenic Sediments As A Tracer For Detecting Smelting Activities And Its Impact On Environment During Prehistoric Period In Hexi Corridor, Northwest China[J]. Holocene,2017,27(1-2):282-291.
[11] Wang, X,Wei, HT,Khormali, F,et al. Grain-size Distribution Of Pleistocene Loess Deposits In Northern Iran And Its Palaeoclimatic Implications[J]. Quaternary International,2017,429:41-51.
[12] Taheri, M,Khormali, F,Wang, X,et al. Micromorphology Of The Lower Pleistocene Loess In The Iranian Loess Plateau And Its Paleoclimatic Implications[J]. Quaternary International,2017,429:31-40.
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HOLOCENE[33] 全新世[24] CLIMATE CHANGE[16] 树木年轮[15] TIBETAN PLATEAU[13] CHINA[12] 气候变化[12] 环境变化[11] ARID CENTRAL ASIA[10] TREE RING[10] 石羊河流域[10] 干旱区[10] 环境磁学[10] LOESS[9] 青藏高原[8]

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