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[1] Zhang, DJ,Dong, GH,Wang, H,et al. History And Possible Mechanisms Of Prehistoric Human Migration To The Tibetan Plateau[J]. Science China-earth Sciences,2016,59(9):1765-1778.
[2] Chen, FH,Jia, J,Chen, JH,et al. A Persistent Holocene Wetting Trend In Arid Central Asia, With Wettest Conditions In The Late Holocene, Revealed By Multi-proxy Analyses Of Loess-paleosol Sequences In Xinjiang, China[J]. Quaternary Science Reviews,2016,146:134-146.
[3] Li, GQ,Rao, ZG,Duan, YW,et al. Paleoenvironmental Changes Recorded In A Luminescence Dated Loess/paleosol Sequence From The Tianshan Mountains, Arid Central Asia, Since The Penultimate Glaciation[J]. Earth And Planetary Science Letters,2016,448:1-12.
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[5] Wu, D,Chen, FH,Li, K,et al. Effects Of Climate Change And Human Activity On Lake Shrinkage In Gonghe Basin Of Northeastern Tibetan Plateau During The Past 60 Years[J]. Journal Of Arid Land,2016,8(4):479-491.
[6] Zhang, JW,Ma, XY,Qiang, MR,et al. Developing Inorganic Carbon-based Radiocarbon Chronologies For Holocene Lake Sediments In Arid Nw China[J]. Quaternary Science Reviews,2016,144:66-82.
[7] Rao, ZG,Jia, GD,Li, YX,et al. Asynchronous Evolution Of The Isotopic Composition And Amount Of Precipitation In North China During The Holocene Revealed By A Record Of Compound-specific Carbon And Hydrogen Isotopes Of Long-chain N-alkanes From An Alpine Lake[J]. Earth And Planetary Science Letters,2016,446:68-76.
[8] Rao, ZG,Qiang, MR,Jia, GD,et al. A 15 Ka Lake Water Delta D Record From Genggahai Lake, Northeastern Tibetan Plateau, And Its Paleoclimatic Significance[J]. Organic Geochemistry,2016,97:5-16.
[9] Wang, X,Kraatz, B,Meng, J,et al. Central Asian Aridification During The Late Eocene To Early Miocene Inferred From Preliminary Study Of Shallow Marine-eolian Sedimentary Rocks From Northeastern Tajik Basin[J]. Science China-earth Sciences,2016,59(6):1242-1257.
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[12] Wang, X,Wei, HT,Taheri, M,et al. Early Pleistocene Climate In Western Arid Central Asia Inferred From Loess-palaeosol Sequences[J]. Scientific Reports,2016,6.
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Research Topics

HOLOCENE[31] 全新世[22] 树木年轮[15] TIBETAN PLATEAU[13] CLIMATE CHANGE[13] 气候变化[12] CHINA[11] 环境磁学[10] 干旱区[10] TREE RING[10] ARID CENTRAL ASIA[10] 石羊河流域[10] 环境变化[9] ASIAN MONSOON[8] 苏干湖[8]

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