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[10] Liu, XE,Li, XG,Guo, RY,et al. The Effect Of Plastic Mulch On The Fate Of Urea-n In Rain-fed Maize Production In A Semiarid Environment As Assessed By N-15-labeling[J]. European Journal Of Agronomy,2015,70:71-77.
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[12] Fan, JW,Du, YL,Turner, NC,et al. Changes In Root Morphology And Physiology To Limited Phosphorus And Moisture In A Locally-selected Cultivar And An Introduced Cultivar Of Medicago Sativa L. Growing In Alkaline Soil[J]. Plant And Soil,2015,392(1-2):215-226.
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Research Topics

春小麦[32] WATER USE EFFICIENCY[23] 水分利用效率[22] 产量[21] LOESS PLATEAU[17] 地膜覆盖[16] 半干旱地区[11] SPRING WHEAT[11] SOIL ORGANIC CARBON[11] 冬小麦[9] GRAIN YIELD[9] PLASTIC FILM MULCH[9] 土壤水分[9] 半干旱区[8] ALFALFA[8]

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