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[1] Xie, TT,Su, PX,An, LZ,et al. Carbon Stocks And Biomass Production Of Three Different Agroforestry Systems In The Temperate Desert Region Of Northwestern China[J]. Agroforestry Systems,2017,91(2):239-247.
[2] Nan, Q,Qian, D,Niu, Y,et al. Plant Actin-depolymerizing Factors Possess Opposing Biochemical Properties Arising From Key Amino Acid Changes Throughout Evolution[J]. Plant Cell,2017,29(1-2):395-408.
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[5] Zhang, H,Sun, HL,Yang, RQ,et al. Complete Genome Sequence Of A Psychotrophic Pseudarthrobacter Sulfonivorans Strain Ar51 (cgmcc 4.7316), A Novel Crude Oil And Multi Benzene Compounds Degradation Strain[J]. Journal Of Biotechnology,2016,231:81-82.
[6] Li, Q,Wang, ZF,Zhao, YN,et al. Putrescine Protects Hulless Barley From Damage Due To Uv-b Stress Via H2s- And H2o2-mediated Signaling Pathways[J]. Plant Cell Reports,2016,35(5):1155-1168.
[7] Hu, WG,Zhang, Q,Tian, T,et al. Characterization Of The Prokaryotic Diversity Through A Stratigraphic Permafrost Core Profile From The Qinghai-tibet Plateau[J]. Extremophiles,2016,20(3):337-349.
[8] Liu, JT,Zhou, YL,Luo, CX,et al. De Novo Transcriptome Sequencing Of Desert Herbaceous Achnatherum Splendens (achnatherum) Seedlings And Identification Of Salt Tolerance Genes[J]. Genes,2016,7(4).
[9] Sun, HL,Gao, TP,Chen, XM,et al. Complete Genome Sequence Of A Psychotrophic Arthrobacter Strain A3 (cgmcc 1.8987), A Novel Long-chain Hydrocarbons Producer[J]. Journal Of Biotechnology,2016,222:23-24.
[10] Zhao, RM,Hui, R,Wang, ZR,et al. Winter Snowfall Can Have A Positive Effect On Photosynthetic Carbon Fixation And Biomass Accumulation Of Biological Soil Crusts From The Gurbantunggut Desert, China[J]. Ecological Research,2016,31(2):251-262.
[11] Fan, TT,Wang, R,Xiang, Y,et al. Heat Stress Induces Actin Cytoskeletal Reorganization And Transcript Profiles Of Vegetative Profilins And Actin Depolymerizing Factors (adfs) In Arabidopsis[J]. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum,2016,38(2).
[12] Michalet, R,Schob, C,Xiao, S,et al. Beneficiary Feedback Effects On Alpine Cushion Benefactors Become More Negative With Increasing Cover Of Graminoids And In Dry Conditions[J]. Functional Ecology,2016,30(1):79-87.
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UV-B辐射[15] CHORISPORA BUNGEANA[14] 一氧化氮[11] 高山离子芥[11] 大豆[11] UV-B RADIATION[8] ARABIDOPSIS[7] 小麦[7] 生长[7] 低温胁迫[7] 春小麦[7] 光合作用[6] 圆柏属[6] 植物[6] 海拔[6]

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