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2010-2015 年甘肃省开发区发展 综合评价及整合研究
Alternative TitleThe Comprehensive Evaluation and Integration Research of Development Zone in Gansu Province from 2010 to 2015
Thesis Advisor张旺锋
Degree Grantor兰州大学
Place of Conferral兰州
Degree Name硕士
Keyword开发区 甘肃省 绩效 聚类分析 整合发展

中国开发区始建于上世纪八十年代,历经了三十余年的发展,已逐渐成为城市经济、区域经济,乃至全国经济的重要载体。随着经济全球化的不断深入和我国经济发展进入新常态,开发区的外部环境发生了巨大的变化,面临着如何转型升级,落实生态文明新常态要求,主动适应开放型新体制的问题。2017年2月6日国务院办公厅印发第一个关于各类开发区的总体指导文件《关于促进开发区改 革和创新发展的若干意见》,对新形势下做好开发区工作作出全面部署。甘肃省位于我国西部欠发达地区,开发区发展水平较低,面对新形势新要求,如何进一步发挥国家级和省级开发区“增长极”的示范、辐射作用,其转型升级与整合发展显得至关重要。本文采用“发展过程梳理-构建评价体系-结果分析-发现问题-整合原则-实施策略”的研究思路,首先对甘肃省开发区发展历程与2010-2015年的发展过程与现状进行梳理,随后在回顾分析国内外现有开发区相关研究的基础上,从经济实 力与竞争能力两个维度建立了甘肃省开发区综合绩效评价体系,从经济规模、经济外向度、经济增长力、税收、就业等五个方面,就开发区对所在城市发展影响作用进行综合分析,并运用系统聚类与纳尔逊分类结合的方法,依据影响作用综合强度以及各方面影响作用的均衡程度,将开发区对城市发展的影响贡献模式分为四种类型,并得到各类型所对应的开发区组群。在定性与定量分析的基础上,发现甘肃省开发区存在的问题。最后,为促进甘肃省开发区的发展,从产业、等 级、空间、规划、管理五个层面着手,提出符合甘肃省自身实际的开发区整合原 则与策略。研究得出:(1)甘肃省开发区整体处于低水平发展阶段,存在整体经济水平较低、区域发展不平衡性、产业结构趋同性、土地利用低效性、管理体制机制不合理性的 问题。(2)甘肃省开发区综合绩效水平在空间上呈现出明显的地域差异,主要表 现为河西、陇中地区形成两大中高水平开发区聚集区,整体特征为南北差异较大;全省开发区按照对城市的影响作用可分为高水平高效益型、相对均衡型、经济外向度主导中等水平型、财政回馈主导中等水平型等四种类型。(3)为解决甘肃省开发区存在的问题,提出了适合甘肃省自身实际的开发区整合的五个原则:地域就近原则、产业相近原则、梯度发展原则、错位发展原则与绿色发展原则。(4)依据各开发区的综合实力测评结果与区域经济发展的总体方向,确定其主导产业和发展顺序;提出“一核四区”的空间整合模式,并确定不同发展水平开发区的发展方向和规划与管理层面的整合策略。 

Other Abstract

Chinese Development Zone was founded in the eighties of last century, after more than 30 years of development, has gradually become the city economy, regional economy, and even an important carrier of the national economy. With the deepening of economic globalization and Chinese economic development into a new normal state, the external environment of the development zone has undergone tremendous changes, facing the how to transform and upgrad, complete therequirements of Ecological Civilization and China's New Normal,take the initiative to adapt to the new open system. On February 6, 2017, the General Office of the State Council 
issued the first general guidance document on various types of development zones, "Several Opinions on Promoting the Reform and Innovation of Development Zones", and made a comprehensive plan for the work of the development zone under the new situation. Gansu Province is located in the underdeveloped areas in western China, the development level of the development zone is lower, in the face of the new situation and new requirements, it is important to transform and integrate, in order to exert develop the demonstration and radiation of national and provincial 
development zones "growth pole". This paper takes 35 provinces and national development zones in Gansu Province as the research object, and adopts the research ideas of "development situation combing - constructing evaluation system - result analysis - finding problem - integration principle - implementation strategy". The paper take Whether the development zone in the province needs to be integrated, and how the development zone will be integrated as research content. Based on the history development of Gansu Province
development zone and the development 
of 2010-2015, analysis of the existing research and development of the existing development zones at home and abroad, this paper establishes the development of Gansu Province from the two aspects 
of economic strength and competitiveness. The paper analyzes the impact of the development zone on the development of the city from the aspects of economic scale, economic extroversion degree, economic power, taxation and employment, and uses the system cluster and Nelson Classification and combination of the method, according to the impact of the role of comprehensive strength and the impact of various aspects of the balance of the impact of the development zone on the impact of 
urban development model is divided into high level of high efficiency, relatively balanced, the 
middle level of economic extroversion dominated , the middle level of Financial feedback, and pointed out that the corresponding types of development zone group. On the basis of qualitative and quantitative analysis, the problems in the development zone of Gansu Province are found. Finally, in order to promote the development of the development zone in Gansu Province, the paper puts forward the principles and strategies of development zone integration in line with the actual situation of Gansu Province from five aspects: industry, grade, space, planning and management. The study concluded that: (1) The development zone of Gansu Province, as a whole in a low level of development, the following questions exist: the overall economic level is lower, the regional development imbalance, the industrial structure is convergent, the land use efficiency is inefficient and the management system mechanism is irrational. (2) The comprehensive performance level of the development zone of Gansu Province has obvious spatial differences in space, mainly in Hexi and Longzhong areas. The overall characteristics are different in north and south. The impact of the role can be divided into high level of high efficiency, relatively balanced,economic extroversion dominated medium level, financial feedback led the middle of the four types of horizontal. (3) In order to solve the problems existing in the development zone of Gansu Province, five principles for the integration of development zones in Gansu Province are put forward: the principle of regional proximity, the principle of industrial similarity, the principle of gradient development, the principle of dislocation development and the green development principle. (4) According to the comprehensive strength of the development zones and the overall direction of regional economic development, to determine its leading industry and development order; put forward the "one nuclear four areas" of the spatial integration model and to determine the development level of different development zones and planning and development Management level of integration strategy. 

Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
何蓓. 2010-2015 年甘肃省开发区发展 综合评价及整合研究[D]. 兰州. 兰州大学,2017.
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