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Low-temperature synthesis of tin dioxide hollow nanospheres and their potential applications in dye-sensitized solar cells and photoelectrochemical type self-powered ultraviolet photodetectors [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, 2014, 卷号: 272, 期号: null, 页码: 886-894
Chen, Lulu;  Li, Xiaodong;  Wang, Youqing;  Gao, Caitian;  Zhang, Hang;  Zhao, Bo;  Teng, Feng;  Zhou JY(周金元);  Zhang ZX(张振兴);  Pan XJ(潘孝军);  Xie EQ(谢二庆)
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High performance, self-powered UV-photodetector based on ultrathin, transparent, SnO2-TiO2 core-shell electrodes [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 2014, 卷号: 616, 页码: 510-515
Gao, CT;  Li, XD;  Zhu, XP;  Chen, LL;  Wang, YQ;  Teng, F;  Zhang, ZX(张振兴);  Duan, HG;  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
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ZnO/ZnTe Core/Shell Nanowire Array Heterojunctions [期刊论文]
NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS, 2014, 卷号: 6, 期号: 5, 页码: 415-419
Tao, CL(陶春兰);  Chen, LL;  Zhang, ZX(张振兴);  Zhang, HJ;  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
Green photoluminescence from erbium-doped molybdenum trioxide [期刊论文]
MATERIALS LETTERS, 2014, 卷号: 122, 页码: 320-322
Ren, PY;  Liu, XZ;  Zhang, K;  Zhang, P;  Teng, F;  Zhang, ZX(张振兴);  Xie, EQ(谢二庆);  Yan, PX(闫鹏勋)
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Preparation of black TiO2 by hydrogen plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition and its photocatalytic activity [期刊论文]
APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, 2014, 卷号: 148, 页码: 339-343
Teng, F;  Li, MY;  Gao, CT;  Zhang, GZ;  Zhang, P;  Wang, YQ;  Chen, LL;  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
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Facile and fast one-pot synthesis of ultra-long porous ZnO nanowire arrays for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 2014, 卷号: 586, 页码: 766-772
Chen, LL;  Li, XD;  Qu, LL;  Gao, CT;  Wang, YQ;  Teng, F;  Zhang, ZX(张振兴);  Pan, XJ(潘孝军);  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
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A simple method to eliminate the surface defects of diamond particles [期刊论文]
POWDER TECHNOLOGY, 2014, 卷号: 266, 页码: 299-302
Teng, F;  Bao, Z;  Zhang, P;  Zhang, GZ;  Gong, CS;  Gao, CT;  Wang, JT;  Pan, XJ(潘孝军);  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
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Luminescent enhancement in ZrO2:Tb3+, Gd3+ nanoparticles by active-shell modification [期刊论文]
CRYSTENGCOMM, 2014, 卷号: 16, 期号: 7, 页码: 1378-1383
Zhang, P;  Su, YR;  Teng, F;  He, YM;  Zhao, CH;  Zhang, GZ;  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
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Ultrafast UV Switch Based on ZnO-Ag Heterostructures [期刊论文]
ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS, 2014, 卷号: 10, 期号: 1, 页码: 95-99
An, Xiuyun;  Teng, Feng;  Zhang ZX(张振兴);  Pan XJ(潘孝军);  Zhou JY(周金元);  Xie EQ(谢二庆)
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Solvent effect on electrospinning of nanotubes: The case of magnesium ferrite [期刊论文]
JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 2013, 卷号: 577, 页码: 97-102
Fu, JC;  Zhang, JL;  Zhao, CH;  Peng, Y(彭勇);  Li, XD;  He, YM;  Zhang, ZX(张振兴);  Pan, XJ(潘孝军);  Mellors, NJ;  Xie, EQ(谢二庆)
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