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Alternative TitleThe Study of Stability and Reinforcement Measures on the Cliff Mass of Bezklik Grottos
Thesis Advisor谌文武
Degree Grantor兰州大学
Place of Conferral兰州
Degree Name硕士
Keyword柏孜克里克石窟 崖体 稳定性 加固措施
Abstract柏孜克里克石窟(又名柏孜克里克千佛洞)为国务院1982年公布的第二批全国重点文物保护单位,现保存此时建造的洞窟最多,窟形也较大。它与龟兹石窟、敦煌石窟、印度址阿旃陀石窟齐名的世界石窟艺术。这里一直是高昌地区的佛教中心,甚至成为高昌王的佛家寺院,其精美的壁画堪称佛家经典。但是,柏孜克里克石窟历经千百年的漫长岁月,由于受到外界营力的长期作用和人类活动的影响,使石窟的大部分岩体、壁画、雕像等遭到不同程度的破坏。目前已经对区内洞窟集中并且崖体严重破坏的NO1~NO6区域进行了抢救性的加固。然而对于非洞窟集中地段、崖体破坏较为严重地段、旅游参观路线附近濒危崖体地段仍需要急需保护。全面细致的掌握现场资料,研究崖体的破坏模式并进行数值计算,进而确定最佳的加固方案,从而为后续的科学旅游参观奠定基础。 柏孜克里克石窟崖体在二期勘察中又细分为9个区域,即A区~I区。本文通过野外实际调查资料以及一期资料,认为洪水冲刷、强烈的风蚀作用以及典型的干旱沙漠气候,是崖体破坏的主要因素。并对野外采集的土样进行了室内实验,研究土的工程地质特性。结果显示主要是粉土和泥岩,干燥状态下土体工程性质总体较好,但是在遇水时发生较快的崩解,强度急剧降低。 在上述研究的基础上并根据现场的资料,确定柏孜克里克崖体可能发生的破坏模式以及计算公式。详细分析每个区的病害发育情况,运用极限平衡法计算每一区可能发生的破坏模式下的稳定性。 选取几个典型的崖体剖面,运用有限元软件分析了卸荷裂隙、掏蚀凹进、外荷载、以及人为扰动这四种情况对崖体稳定性的影响情况。具体模拟计算了崖体在有无裂隙、裂隙发育深度、裂隙与崖面距离、裂隙倾角、裂隙张开度、掏蚀凹进深度、地震作用、风载作用、车载作用以及人群荷载作用下的位移变化以及应力应变情况,为科学合理的加固设计提供更丰富的资料。 根据调查资料、区段破坏情况分析以及数值计算,提出了柏孜克里克的合理的加固措施,并详细介绍了各种措施。
Other AbstractBezklik Grottoes(also known as Bezklik Thousand Buddha Caves), is one of the second batches of state emphasis cultural relic unit, which keeps the most caves of construction at that time and has the lager form among the grottos. It is equally famous with Qiuzi Grottoes, Dunhuang Grottoes and India Ajanta Grottoes as the world grotto art. Here has been the center of the Western Regions of Buddhism in the Gaochang area, even the Buddhist temple for Gaochang king, the Grottoes’s beautiful paintings called Buddhist classics. However, after the long years, Bezklik Grottoes go through thousands of years. Due to the long-term, exogenic forces and the influence of human activities caused varying degrees of destruction of the majority of rock caves, murals, and sculptures. The first Strengthening Engineering has emergently rescued the grottoes concentrated areas (No1 to No6 regions) whose cliff mass have been serious damaged. However, location for less grottoe, serious damaged cliff mass and endangered cliff mass near the tourist route for visit still needs urgent protection. After comprehensive and detailed grasp the field data, we determine the best reinforcement with the failure modes of cliff mass and numerical calculation, so as to lay a foundation for scientific tour visit in further. During the second strengthening project, the Bezklik cliff mass has been further divided into nine regions,named A to I. According to the actual field survey data and previous investigations, we find the flood scouring, wind erosion and typical arid desert climate, as the major factors of destruction cliff mass. We test the field collection of soil samples and study the engineering geological characteristics of soil in the laboratory. The results show that the samples mainly made of silt and clay, which have the better engineering properties under dry state, but rapid disintegration and strength rapidly decreased after contacting with water. Based on the above research and field survey document, determine the possible failure mode and formulas, detailed analysis the survival and growth of disease of each district, calculate the stability of each cliff mass with limit equilibrium method. Select a few typical cliff mass sections, using finite element software to analyze the change of the stability of the cliffs caused by stress-release crack, erosion, external-load, and human turbulence to provide more extensive information for scientific and reasonable design. Detailed the ...
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
满君. 柏孜克里克石窟崖体稳定性及加固措施[D]. 兰州. 兰州大学,2010.
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