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Alternative TitleInvestigation of Yang Yazhou’s works
Thesis Advisor赵建新
Degree Grantor兰州大学
Place of Conferral兰州
Degree Name硕士
Keyword杨亚洲 平民情结 关注底层 家族寓言 风格特征
Abstract本文运用作者论的观点,立足于杨亚洲迄今为止创作的影视剧作品,以年代为线索,梳理和分析从1993年至今杨亚洲在电影、电视剧、电视电影这三个领域的创作流变。探讨杨亚洲作品在我国改革开放的时代背景下,在国产电影“第五代”与“第六代”的风格化的洪流中表现出来的与众不同,却又承前启后,个性鲜明的美学风范。 论文分五部分加以论述,第一部分综述,从个人史和作品史两个方面进行阐述,既对杨亚洲的从影历程和导演道路进行整理和综述,又系统整理杨亚洲到目前为止所有的影视剧作品。第二部分主要探讨杨亚洲在1993年至1998年之间在艺术道路上的探索过程,这一阶段包括最初在电视剧领域的尝试和电视剧题材方面的探索,以及与著名导演黄建新合作拍摄电影对其后来创作的潜移默化的影响。第三部分将1998年至2005年定为杨亚洲作品的发轫期,这一时期杨亚洲作品初步形成了他著名的标签“平民情结”,在进入2000年后的杨亚洲还在“电视电影”方面投入大量精力,进行了许多创作的美学实验,为繁盛期的创作汲取了大量经验,并表现出对家庭伦理题材中婚姻恋爱方面的关注。第四部分划分为杨亚洲作品的繁盛期,即2005年至今2010年这5年,杨亚洲的家庭伦理电视剧创作在该时期达到了一个顶峰,此时的杨亚洲,在影视剧的创作上形成了固定的风格,着重凸显了底层的关注和家族故事的讲述。此外,对当代优秀小说的影视改编也是这一时期创作的显著特点之一。第五部分分析杨亚洲作品的突出艺术特色,包括他对现实主义创作手法的传承、意象的隐喻和象征,以及在演员的选择和方言的运用上这几个方面分别进行分析和阐述。 本论文的研究意义在于对当下国产电影、电视剧创作的启示和反思,在大众文化、通俗文化盛行的今天,在国产影视剧普遍存在粗制滥造和价值观错乱的今天,杨亚洲作品显示出强烈的民族风格和民族特色跻身影视剧的经典行列,他的成功无疑具有很强的现实意义和参考价值,对未来国产电影和国产家庭伦理电视剧的发展有着启迪作用。
Other AbstractApplying auteur theory, chronologic-oriented, this study investigates Yang yazhou’s works in aspect of movie, TV play as well as telecines from 1993 up to present. Yang yazhou’s works serves as link between the fifth generation of China Movie and sixth since China Reform and Open while it differentiate from others of this period. This study is split into five chapters. Chapter One, as general introduction, explores history of Yang yazhou’s works, also his dedication into movie as director. Chapter Two discusses Yang yazhou’s exploration on TV plays from1993 to 1998, above all his collaboration with well known director Huang jianxin as his initial experience in movie, which proves to be influential in Yang yazhou’s later works. In Chapter Three, Yang yazhou’s rapid developing period, 1998-2005 is demonstrated, during which his personal label has been built- Ordinary People Complex. Since 2000, Yang yazhou mainly involved in TV plays, especially experimental aesthetic, which reflects his concern on Love and Marriage in Family Ethics Theme, paving the way to his latter flourish. Chapter Four introduces 2005-2010, Yang yazhou’s five-year flourish period, particularly in TV plays of Family Ethics 2005-2010. Meanwhile, Yang yazhou has established his own pattern, focusing on roughscuff class and family. Besides, adaptation of contemporary fictions into screen is another remarkable characteristic in terms of movie and TV plays written at that time. Chapter Five analyzes Yang yazhou’s art style, namely realism, symbolic metaphor and also elaborates his choice of actors and expertise in language. Today, the overwhelming mass popular culture accelerates mass production of China movie and TV plays with poor quality even ethic confusion for worse. On the contrary, Yang yazhou’s works strongly reflect positive Chinese nation features, which make his movies and plays more than classic. Without any doubts, Yang yazhou’succes will inspire the future development of China movies and Family Ethics TV plays, provoking self-examination of China movie and TV industry and that is the findings of this study.
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
陈云度. 杨亚洲作品研究[D]. 兰州. 兰州大学,2010.
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