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Alternative TitleSpiritual Baptism and Salvation - the Theme of Death of Yoshimoto Banana’s Works
Thesis Advisor古世仓
Degree Grantor兰州大学
Place of Conferral兰州
Degree Name硕士
Keyword吉本芭娜娜 死亡 生存 日常 超现实 救赎
Abstract当代日本文学在对人的生存状态积极关注的同时,也在大量地表现着死亡主题。20世纪后半叶的许多作家都在书写死亡。他们的作品要么通篇笼罩在一种沉郁不散的死亡气氛中,要么精细地描写或悲壮或凄艳的死亡场面。透过多元化的死亡场景,作家们探寻着死亡的意义。对死亡意义的探寻已经构成了当代日本文学的走向之一。作为日本“疗愈系”文学天后的吉本芭娜娜,其作品中也频繁出现死亡,但其色彩却与众不同。20世纪末,在传统向现代转型的过程中,价值出现了多元化,人文精神日渐衰落,人们所依赖的传统文化日益弱化,而新的审美价值体系尚未形成,价值观念处于混乱状态,日本社会在残酷竞争背后散发着一种享乐颓废气息,而此时作家吉本芭娜娜在一个崇尚“轻”和“解构”的时代,凝视死亡,执着生存。她在创作中并不刻意地思考所谓主流的东西,而是反复琢磨如何通过展现人之共性,触发心灵的共鸣。她以笔为旗,坚守文学的精神家园,通过对死亡的书写,表达对生命的吟咏和礼赞,把对于人的关怀和悲悯化为一剂药方,救赎当下,安慰灵魂。在她笔下,鲜活的生命经历从来不会因为死亡而失去色彩,相反,它会成为生活中更为强烈的一股力量。 本文以吉本芭娜娜的作品为基础,通过文化、社会、心理等多个层面,透视芭娜娜对于“死亡”的典型描述(主题、情节、场景等),试图探讨死亡观念在芭娜娜文学世界中的萌发与流变,更着力于分析其作品中的“死亡意象”就其审美属性而言所具有的特征,同时从人的微观心理与社会的宏观现实两个相对应的侧面来为“死亡意象”提供可能的理解方式。在由死亡反观生命的过程中,芭娜娜的作品显示的是生命的深刻困惑。在对生命困惑的体验与追问中,为孤独而绝望的生命提供温暖,为枯槁濒于沉堕的灵魂实施疗救。当“伪乐观”,“软哲学”越来越见于日常经验及文艺作品,很明显芭娜娜并不想让她的作品成为这些伪浪漫、假哲学的代言者,她也无意于去讲述那些过于绝望、冷酷的故事。试图寻找一种新的对待生命的态度,使生命避免堕入生存的悖论。这样的一种理想我们在她的小说中读到了。她的作品中所传达的生命的温暖感也许并不具备有多大的普世性,但在对她的一系列作品的阅读中,我们从她感性的描述中读到了一种担当的力量,一种日常生命的温暖感,以及一种追求现世生活幸福的价值观念。这样的一种独特的阅读体验与当代日本其他作家拉开了距离,显示了她的作品的独特魅力。
Other AbstractContemporary Japanese literature in the state of active interest to human survival,it is also the performance of the theme of death in large numbers.Half of the 20th century,many writers are writing death.It shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere of never-ending death,or fine to describe tragic or miserable death scene in their work.Through a variety of death scenes,writers explore the meaning of death.Explore the meaning of death has constituted one of the contemporary trend of Japanese literature.The queen of Japan's "healing system" literary -Banana Yoshimoto,whose works have frequently appeared dead,but the colors are different. The late 20th century,the traditional to the modern transformation process,the value of diversity emerged,humanities decline,people rely on the weakening of traditional culture,the aesthetic value of the new system has not been formed,the values in disarray,the Japanese society behind the brutal competition decadent atmosphere exudes a kind of pleasure,but this time in a writer Banana Yoshimoto advocating "light" and "deconstruction" of the times,staring death,persistent survival.She did not deliberately thinking about the Creation of the so-called mainstream of things,but repeatedly pondering how to show the common people,triggering heart resonance.She put her pen as a flag,adheres to the spiritual home of literature,through the writing of death,express the chant and praise of life .She put on the care and compassion as a prescription,present salvation and comfort the soul.In her characters,never live the life experience of losing color because of the death,on the contrary,it will become more intense life of a force. This article tries to basis to Banana Yoshimoto's works,through cultural,social,psychological and other aspects of perspective Banana for the "death" of the typical description (theme,plot,scene,etc.),attempts to explore the concept of death in the Banana’s literary world in the germination and flow,but also focus on the analysis of his work in "Death Image" in terms of its aesthetic properties that have the characteristics of the micro from both human psychology and the social macro-reality side of the two corresponding to as the "Death Image" provides a possible way of understanding.In contrast,by the death of the life process,Banana's work shows the profound confusion of life.In the experiences and inquiry of confusion of life,she provides warmth for the lonely and desperate life,Apply treatment for the wither...
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
张婧怡. 心灵的洗礼与救赎——论吉本芭娜娜作品的死亡主题[D]. 兰州. 兰州大学,2010.
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