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Alternative TitleHeidegger's Deconstruction of Hegel's Metaphysics: Taking Sense-certainty as an Example
Thesis Advisor孙冠臣
Degree Grantor兰州大学
Place of Conferral兰州
Degree Name哲学硕士
Degree Discipline外国哲学
Keyword海德格尔 黑格尔 形而上学 感性确定性 解构
Abstract中文摘要 海德格尔认为西方形而上学遗忘存在,是不断地构造存在物置换存在的过程。当近代主体性形而上学膨胀到人成为主体、世界成为图像的程度时,自在的自然就被视为能量库,人自身也被技术摆置和进步强制成为制作需用的质料,同时带来的是人自身毁灭的危险。想要跳脱这种困境,思及另一开端的可能性,则要解构西方形而上学存在物思想的宰制,从而迎向存在的让予之境。 作为近代主体形而上学集大成者的黑格尔,当然就成为了海德格尔解构的对象。本文以海德格尔对黑格尔《精神现象学》感性确定性的解读为例展开此一解构过程。因为此一解读既把黑格尔是如何将感性确定性作为意识的最初形态就已然贯穿了精神穿越的辩证扬弃机制给展现出来又把海德格尔是如何挖掘感性确定性运思环节的根据渊源以表明其作为绝对形而上学给表现出来。它较为集约地呈现出双方对峙的思想张力,指示了海德格尔解构形而上学的路标,是一个我们把握海德格尔对黑格尔形而上学解构的准确切入点。 通过与黑格尔哲学的长期根本性交涉,海德格尔认为黑格尔哲学虽然极力呈现事情本身的展开样式,但他不仅仍然在形而上学的存在-神-逻辑机制内运转,而且还更是把存在物的存在和存在物整体表象为精神的绝对显现历程。这就更加强化了近代主体过分膨胀的理性内在世界观念,从而在更深层次上遗忘存在,导致一种无限进步的人类幻象。海德格尔基于存在之思认为,存在不是主体性的、概念性的存在,而是时间性创生的让予之在,是一种天地神人四方共在源源化育的可能性。 从而我们可以在海德格尔与黑格尔的对峙张力间,展开人与世界的未来可能性问题追问。我们既要从海德格尔的解构中收获启示,警戒主体形而上学 人类中心主义方面的绝对膨胀,期待一种默思以冷却人性的躁动。当然,我们也要对海德格尔过分提防主体性以及未来之思过于松弛犹疑的部分保持敏感。同时,黑格尔哲学对意义世界整体的追寻路径蕴含的思想可能性仍然值得我们做开放式、包容式的拓进。我们由此思想比较追踪到的未必是哪条必然的道路,而也许只是可能性的道路。而在可能性道路的行进中,对更多的可能性尝试保持容让也许对未来的人类智慧更为有所助益。
Other AbstractAbstract Heidegger believes that Western metaphysics forgetting Sein, which is a process of constantly constructing das seiende to replace the Sein. When the modern Subjectivity of metaphysics has expanded to the point that "man becomes the subject and the world becomes the image", nature is regarded as the energy bank, and man himself is forced to become a material for production by technology placement and progress, and man brings the danger of his own destruction. To break away from this predicament and consider the possibility of another beginning, we must deconstruct the dominance of Western metaphysics about das seiende, so as to meet the situation of giving way for Sein. Hegel, the master of metaphysics in modern times, naturally became the object of Heidegger's deconstruction. This paper takes Heidegger's interpretation for sense-certainty of Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit as an example. Because this interpretation not only shows how Hegel regards sense-certainty as the initial form of consciousness, it has already shown the dialectical mechanism of spirit transcendence and aufhebenit also shows how Heidegger excavated the basis of the operational aspects of sense-certainty to show it as an absolute metaphysics. It presents the thought tension of confrontation more intensively, and indicates Heidegger's road sign for deconstructing metaphysics. It is an accurate starting point for us to grasp Heidegger's deconstruction of Hegel's metaphysics. Through long-term Auseinandersetzung with Hegel's philosophy, Heidegger believes that although Hegel's philosophy strives to present the unfolding pattern of "things themselves", he not only operates within the metaphysical onto-theo-logie mechanism, but also more It is the absolute manifestation of the spirit by the sein of das seiende and the overall appearance of das seiende. This further strengthens the over-expanded rational inner world concept of the modern subjectivity, there by forgetting Sein at a deeper level, leading to an infinitely progressive human illusion. According to Heidegger's thinking of Sein, Sein is not a conceptual, subjective being, but a kind of the possibility that the four sides of heaven, earth and man share the origin. Therefore, we can start questioning the future possibility of man and the world between Heidegger and Hegel. We must both gain inspiration from Heidegger's deconstruction and warn of the absolute expansion of subjective metaphysics in "humanism", and look forward to a kind of meditation to cool down the restlessness of human nature. Of course, we also need to be sensitive to Heidegger's excessive caution on subjectivity and the slackness of future thinking. At the same time, the possibilities contained in Hegel's philosophical pursuit of the meaning world as a whole are still worthy of our open and inclusive extension. We may not be able to trace the inevitable path, but maybe the path of possibility. As the path of possibility progresses, trying to maintain tolerance for more possibilities may be more helpful to future human wisdom.
Document Type学位论文
First Author AffilicationSchool of Philosophy and Sociology
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GB/T 7714
覃广. 海德格尔对黑格尔形而上学的解构——以感性确定性为例[D]. 兰州. 兰州大学,2020.
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